Why Choose Us?

whyusDeFilippo Brothers Motor Cars has served PA, NJ, DE, Delaware County PA, Chester County PA, and the Greater Philadelphia area for over 25 years. We have sold countless vehicles and have helped our customers improve their credit scores! We work solely with people who have less than perfect credit and just need help rebuilding their life and credit. If you have ever been turned down for an auto loan because of bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, or decrease in income because of a divorce or disability, DeFilippo Brothers can and will get you driving! We’re an In House Finance Dealership which means you Buy Here and Pay Here but we are extremely different compared to those you may be used to.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Philadelphia?

First off, all of our loans are SHORT term: no longer than 36 months. Secondly, each and every one of our vehicles endures a vigorous safety inspection to include a 3 month / 3,000 mile power train warranty and to be qualified for an option to extend it. Most importantly and unlike a typical Buy Here Pay Here car lot, since our financing is provided through a private lender, your payments are reported to your credit on a monthly basis as an auto loan from a bank. This allows you the opportunity to build positive credit. We believe our customers deserve the chance to rebuild their credit through a short term, affordable auto loan and have a reliable vehicle.

Benefits of buying a car from our Buy Here Pay Here Lot?

Easy Auto Financing

We can get you approved regardless of past credit problems

Shorter Term Auto Loans

No long commitments get your car paid off fast and your credit rebuilt quickly

Affordable Down Payments

We have vehicles starting at $650 down

Affordable Payments

We are 100% invested in your ability to make your payment so we pay careful attention to make sure the monthly payment is within your budget

Quality Vehicles is Our Priority

Having a dependable vehicle is an important part of being able to make your payments. Because you pay us it is in our best interest to make sure our cars are quality dependable vehicles.

Free Oil Changes

Because we are so invested in your vehicles quality we offer all our customers Free oil changes for the life of the loan.

Quality Warranty

We offer a quality warranty up to 2 years.

Flexibility with Insurance Coverage

We offer plans that allow you to carry just liability with your insurance company.

Re-build your credit

We report your positive payment history to Trans-union.

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